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July Calendar of Events

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12th July Mon 7:30 Circle Meeting at Shaw Lane with Dinner.
19th July Mon 7:00 council Meeting via Zoom
25th July Sun

Mass for Vocations at Holy Rood, Barnsley followed by President’s BBQ at Goldthorpe

31st Sat 31st Coffee Morning at Michael and Marian’s


July in Memoriam

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During the month of July we commemorate the Province 3 South brothers whose anniversaries occur at this time:

1917 Thomas KITCHEN Sheffield
1917 James PIERCE Sheffield
1934 William Wilfred KING Sheffield
1941 James William FENOUGHTY Sheffield
1944 John Anthony STOPPARD Sheffield
1949 Tom TATE Wakefield West Riding
1953 Patrick John RAFFERTY Wakefield West Riding
1954 James Robert BEATTIE Sheffield
1955 J.G. KEYES Sheffield
1956 Michael McCARTHY Wakefield West Riding
1961 Frank Arthur EDGELEY Sheffield
1961 Paul (Paulinus) YOUNG Sheffield
1962 Jack KITSON Wakefield West Riding
1967 Russell STANFORD Scunthorpe
1968 James GALLAGHER Sheffield & Sheffield Hallamshire
1976 Vincent  HAYES Sheffield Hallamshire
1978 Leo (Leon) DAVISON Sheffield
1981 Joe REILLY Barnsley
1993 Eammon NORTON Wakefield West Riding
1993 Jack SOWERBY Barnsley
1996 Brian BRIGGS Wakefield West Riding
1996 Jerry (Jeremiah) FITZPATRICK Doncaster & Sheffield
2003 John DUNDON Wakefield West Riding
2004 Terry FAGAN Wakefield West Riding
2007 John PARROTT Wakefield West Riding
2009 John WHITE Barnsley
2010 Tom PATTERSON Wakefield West Riding
2013 David BROOKMAN Scunthorpe
2013 James Peter HARTE Wakefield West Riding


June Calendar of Events

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14th June Mon 7:30 Circle Meeting via Zoom. Contact brother Secretary for link.
21st June Mon 7:00 council Meeting via Zoom


June in Memoriam

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During the month of June, we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of deceased brothers of Province 3 South – as listed below:

1950 Laurie BRITTON Sheffield
1954 James HAYES Doncaster
1963 Henry SMITHSON Doncaster
1976 Pat DURKIN Sheffield
1976 Philip MAXWELL Sheffield
1979 Patrick KANE Doncaster
1980 John CLARE Sheffield Hallamshire
1982 Geoffrey MORRIS Doncaster
1984 Arthur HODGKINSON Sheffield
1984 Joe KEENAN Wakefield West Riding
1992 Steve O’DONAGHUE Doncaster
1998 Jim FINNIGAN Sheffield Hallamshire
2006 Richard QILSON Barnsley
2008 Kevin McGUANE Scunthorpe
2009 Jack BRIESLIN Barnsley
2010 Brendan MALLON Scunthorpe
2012 Mike BURCH Wakefield West Riding
2012 John Dennis COULDWELL Wakefield West Riding
2013 Michael DEANS Scunthorpe
2015 Bill RODWAY Wakefield West Riding
2019 Peter AUCHTERLOUNIE Sheffield Hallamshire
2020 Thomas (Tom) HOLLEY Wakefield West Riding