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April in Memoriam

April 8th, 2022 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

During the month of April we remember the following brothers of Province 3 South who’s anniversaries occur at about this time:

1918 Charles CARRINGTON Sheffield
1941 Andrew CLARKE Doncaster
1943 Edward HEMINGWAY Wakefield West Riding
1949 John Patrick CLARE Sheffield
1957 Henry BAGGS Sheffield
1958 Ned PARKINSON Wakefield West Riding
1961 Patrick John FLOWITT Doncaster
1966 Arthur BEECROFT Barnsley
1966 Joseph Barnard JARVIS Sheffield
1968 Benjamin Thomas WEST Sheffield
1974 Gerald BARRACLOUGH Barnsley
1977 Frank CHAMBERS Barnsley
1977 Len  MILLS Doncaster
1985 Wilf CROOK Wakefield West Riding
1991 Bill HUSSEY Sheffield
1991 George ROWE Doncaster
1992 Norman HILL Doncaster
1994 George CANTY Sheffield Hallamshire
1995 Frank HOBSON Sheffield
1996 Horace CAWLEY Sheffield
1996 Frank FINNEGAN Sheffield
1996 Michael GAVIN Sheffield
1999 Trevor Nelson PEARSON Wakefield & Barnsley
2000 Cyril LYNCH Wakefield West Riding
2012 Cliff BELLWOOD Wakefield West Riding
2020 Les NAILE City of Lincoln


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