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History of Barnsley Circle

History of Barnsley (205) Circle 1962 –

The Circle was inaugurated on 11th February 1962 as the 205th Circle of the Catenian Association in the presence of 42 members. It was founded with the support and help of Wakefield (82) Circle. Its Founder President was Bro. P.J. Moroney, Barnsley was the 10th Circle within Province 3.

P.J. Moroney, J. Reilly, J.P. Short, J.K. Moran, D.F. Mcfeely, T. Bird, A. Beecroft, M.C. Duggan, A.F. Parsons, T.J. Acton, M. Beasley, J.H. Brailsford, J. Brannan, E. Burke, P.J. Burke, J. Byrne, T. Callaghan, H.W.T. Conway, J. Costello, L.D. Healey, N. Holden, E.T. lyons, J.P. McGowan, M.B. Pickles, F.M. Prendergast, H.J. O’Connor rourke, J. Sheridan, M.E. Tapissier, B.J. Turner.

In the early 1970s, Province 3 was split into two parts, 10 Circles being allocated to Province 3 North, Barnsley and the 6 remaining Circles forming Province 3 South. With the inauguration of the City of Lincoln Circle in 1978, the number of Circles in Province 3 South was increased to 8.

800th MEETING : 1994
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Dame Margaret, D.H.S.
Margaret, wife of John Gallagher, also of Wakefield Circle, has been appointed as a Dame of the Holy Sepulchre in recognition of her charitable work. Her husband, John, already a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, was installed as a Knight of St. Gregory in June 1997.

Dame Shelagh Travis
Featured in the December, 2006, issue of Catena was Shelagh Travis, was greeted at Lincolns Inn by Joe McNally, (Sheffield Hallamshire Circle and Director of Province 3) following her investiture as a Dame of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
Shelagh’s husband, Ray, a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, was a Joint Member and Past President of both Barnsley and Wakefield Circles.

Led by Circle President ………….., a large contingent of Barnsley members and wives, headed for York Minster where they joined many thousands from the Northern Provinces who gathered at York Minster on Saturday, 18 October 2008, the Feast of St. Luke. The occasion was the celebrating of Mass in the Minster to mark the Centenary of the Catenian Association. Principal Celebrant was the Right Reverend Terence Dainey, Bishop of Middlesbrough who was accompanied by large numbers of clergy and civic dignitaries.
The event was organized by York Circle and included a civic banquet and carnival ball in the evening.