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January in memoriam

January 3rd, 2019 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

During the month of January we commemorate the deceased brothers of Province 3 South who’s anniversaries occur about this time:

1927 Leo (Leon Stanislaus) WALTON Wakefield West Riding
1933 E. WALSH Wakefield West Riding
1943 George John HEVINGHAM Sheffield
1945 James BRADLEY Doncaster
1946 Arthur Edward BALDWIN Sheffield
1946 Christopher CUNNINGHAM Doncaster
1948 John LAVELLE Doncaster
1949 Bernard James CARR Sheffield
1953 Laurence James GOGIN Doncaster
1958 Thomas MARRON Doncaster
1960 Henry BENNETT Doncaster
1967 Harold BURTON Sheffield
1968 Francis Philip ENRIGHT Sheffield
1974 Jack  FINNEGAN Sheffield & Sheffield Hallamshire
1977 Frank HOWITT Wakefield West Riding
1977 D.G.B. WRIGHT Scunthorpe & City of Lincoln
1985 Geoff CLARKE Wakefield West Riding
1986 Frank WOOTTON Sheffield
1992 Les (Leslie Theodore) BARFIELD Sheffield Hallamshire
1995 Michael MILLS Grimsby
1996 Michael WRAY Barnsley
2004 David PARKIN Sheffield Hallamshire
2005 Eddie JACKSON Scunthorpe
2008 Tony ROUSE Grimsby
2009 Donald  WHITNEY Barnsley
2011 Ray TRAVIS Wakefield West Riding
2013 John KEENAN Grimsby
2014 John COYNE City of Lincoln
2015 Wies MUSIAL Barnsley
2015 Margaret McARDLE Wakefield West Riding
2016 Gerry MOVERLEY Doncaster
2016 Michael McGARRY Grimsby


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