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March in Memoriam

During the month of March, we commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of deceased brothers of Province 3 South – as listed below:

1931 John PSRDON Sheffield
1940 Martin HAGAN Doncaster
1949 J. MARTIN Wakefield West Riding
1956 Victor NEVILLE Sheffield
1957 Benjamin BROOKES Wakefield West Riding
1957 Frederick WILLIAMS Sheffield
1968 Rudi BURKE Barnsley
1969 Jack WILSON Sheffield 
1971 Cyril PINTO Wakefield West Riding
1973 George (George Vincent) MALLINDER Sheffield
1979 Albert RAYNER Wakefield West Riding
1984 Czes (Czes Michael) STOCH Sheffield
1986 Michael Henry CLYNE Scunthorpe
1987 Matt (Mathias) KIELTY Wakefield West Riding
1990 Edmund James MAGIL Sheffield Hallamshire
1990 Gerard SMITH Doncaster
1994 Pat SMITH Sheffield
1997 Tom MAGUIRE Grimsby
2000 Pat COEN Sheffield & Barnsley
2002 Ray MACK Grimsby
2004 Charles WHITE Barnsley
2006 Bernard LANGLEY Sheffield
2010 Bob (Robert) WALKER Wakefield West Riding
2013 John GARRY City of Lincoln
2016 Tom (Thomas) ELLISON Wakefield West Riding
2016 Tom (Thomas) MADDISON Wakefield West Riding